Small Parts Storage

Pegasus can assist you to select and design the most appropriate shelving systems perfect for all industries. Pegasus provides fully adjustable shelving systems ideal for general purpose applications. Depending on what you are looking to store, Pegasus offers an array of shelving bay capacities to suit your storage needs.

Long-span shelving

If your business is looking to store hand loaded heavy or bulky items, long-span shelving is both effective and versatile, ideal for storing non-palletised goods, high density archive storage and much more. This option offers flexibility and can be tailored to suit the product range you are storing.

Long-span shelving
Short-span Shelving

Short-span shelving

This type of shelving unit is commonly used within wholesale, warehouse and manufacturing environments for smaller hand loaded products that are fully adjustable to suit products of different heights and weights. Shelving can be configured into single tier, double tier, multi-tier or mobile configurations, depending on your requirements.

Mobile shelving

Mobile shelving eliminates the aisles between units and thus saves a significant amount of floor space. Mobile shelving permits you to use all of your available space for storage as they only require one aisle to access any part of the storage area. This type of shelving sits on bases which run on rails set into the floor of the room.

Mobile shelving is available with either an easy to use hand wheel mechanism which moves the shelving, creating aisles or with an electric drive system. Popular uses include archives, documentation, and record keeping. Every mobile shelving unit can be customised to suit your preference, and also made secure with the use of locks.

Mobile Shelving

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