Racking comes in various formats, but how do you decide which type of racking would be best fitted to your business? To assist with this difficult question, we have put this short blog together to give you some food for thought.

One type does not suit all
The primary goal is to store as much inventory as possible in the most efficient way. However, without thinking about factors such as:

  • Design
  • Products being stored
  • Operations

You will never be able to operate at 100% efficiency. Each warehouse is unique by size, orientation, operations, inventory etc. A racking system designed to suit your particular warehouse, inventory and operations would utilise the space you have available and increase the speed in which your warehouse operates. It would be naive to look at another warehouse and copy what they have going on and assume it will work for you.

Vertical storage is just as important as floor space
Pallet racking can be built as tall as your warehouse allows which can increase the amount of inventory you can store, especially if you have limited floor space. You should take advantage of vertical space to maximise your storage capacity within your warehouse.

Assessing inventory size and weight
Designing your racking sizes and layout based off the products you are storing will utilise the space you have available to the maximum. What you are storing should dictate the type of storage system you use. If you are unsure on what is the best way to store your products ask an expert, Pegasus Storage would be more than happy to help.

Invest in a long-term storage system from the start! Getting your storage systems right initially will save money in the long run. The cost of taking down racking, rearranging layouts and buying more racking is just an unnecessary expenditure when you could have just got it right the first time. Pegasus Storage will always find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for you.

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