In these uncertain times the thought of moving or spending an extortionate amount of money is probably out of the question – so why not look into another solution… optimising and utilising all the space you currently have.

You may think looking at your warehouse storage that nothing can be done, but there is always something that can be moved, optimised or used differently to help achieve extra storage space.

Below are a few options that you may want to think about:

Using racking properly

Ensure that you are utilising all of your pallet space within your pallet racking. Check that your beam levels are at the right pitch? Can the racking be extended higher to achieve more beam levels? Are the right sized pallets being used in the suitable bay of racking?

Rethink your warehouse layout

When a warehouse was originally designed there probably wasn’t much thought put into future expansion, which can lead to many problems as you may now be facing… If you feel like you have already ran out of space or on the verge of running out, consider a new layout for your warehouse. This will take some time to plan so it is best to do so when you are expecting a quiet period. Or alternatively Pegasus to do this for you.

Mezzanine Floor
Utilising your vertical space is always an option. Mezzanine Floors have many benefits from storing smaller products to office spaces.

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This article featured in the February issue of Creative Build Magazine