At Pegasus Storage we have an array of products that can help to protect your pallet racking from being damaged. Below are the most common used:

  • Bollard Systems – floor mounted with a steel core, engineered to protect your equipment and employees.
  • Crash Barrier System – designed for total damage protection – floor mounted. Ideal for protecting wall perimeters, creating traffic lanes, protecting pallet racking and separating people from equipment.
  • Pedestrian Barriers – designed to separate people from dangerous equipment.
  • Racking Barrier – protect your racking from impact, collisions and common bumps, racking barriers are designed to keep your structurers safe.
  • Column Guards – add protection with column guards which come in various shapes and sizes. You can purchase column guards that are bolted to the ground or those that strap on to your upright.

A lot of our customers tend to invest in warehouse protection not only to ensure the safety of their staff but to also save money on repair work later in the future.

If you would like advise or are looking to improve the protection of your warehouse give Pegasus a call on 01843 835999 or email at