It is not uncommon for warehouses to begin to run out of room for the amount of stock you are trying to store, especially if your business has expanded. The first thought many have is to invest in more space or to relocate, which is not only a very big hassle but also a great financial commitment.

Running out of space does not only create a health and safety hazard but it is also causes more issues with the day-to-day operation of your warehouse. So what are your options? Here are a few useful tips:

Load your pallet racking correctly

Often a lot of space is wasted through poorly loaded pallet racking. Making sure your racking is loaded correctly allows you to optimise space available and to store products as safely as possible. However, DO NOT overload your racking as this can lead to a potential collapse.

Rethink your warehouse layout

When a warehouse was originally designed there probably wasn’t much thought put into future expansion, which can lead to many problems as you may now be facing… If you feel like you have already ran out of space or on the verge of running out, consider a new layout for your warehouse. This will take some time to plan so it is best to do so when you are expecting a quiet period. Or alternatively Pegasus to do this for you.

Identify vertical space

You don’t always have to build out, you can always build up – there are various solutions available to save money by utilising the unused vertical space in your warehouse, from mezzanine flooring to different taller racking systems.

Above we have listed some simple measures you could consider. However, a consultation with a member of our team could help you save money and make sure you are utilising all the space you have available. If you need help rearranging your warehouse layout or need the best solution to your storage issues get in contact today:

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