Investing in a Mezzanine Floor can assist an array of businesses achieve additional space needed whilst avoiding the costs and hassle of moving to a bigger property. Mezzanine floors can be designed to fit any purpose, providing a perfect solution for all businesses.

Mezzanine Floor Benefits:

  • Avoid the hassle and expense of relocating
  • Make better use of redundant vertical space
  • A cost-effective solution that can be designed bespoke to your needs
  • Easily and quickly installed
  • Mezzanines can be altered and extended if necessary in the future

Mezzanine floors can be built to various shapes and sizes depending on what you require, proving a very cost-effective solution for the modern business.

Businesses that have benefited from Mezzanine floors:

  • Retailers who want to increase their shop floor or display space through using mezzanine platforms.
  • Offices that need to expand their operational space, without having the inconvenience of relocating.
  • Storage and warehouses who wanted to utilise their vertical space to accommodate their storage requirements or for office space.

Pegasus Mezzanine Solutions

Our designers work closely with you to get the exact specifications ensuring that the design of our mezzanines matches your specific needs. We make sure that our designs provide you with the most effective solution taking into consideration the operational use below.

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