SEMA stands for the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association. SEMA are the trade body in the UK who promote and control standards for the design, manufacture and installation of storage equipment. This covers racking systems, shelving, and mezzanine floors which are right at the heart of what Pegasus Storage do and the services we provide.

SARI – The SEMA Approved Inspector Qualification is aimed at individuals who conduct inspections of storage equipment. To achieve the required standard they must successfully complete a specially designed intensive course, written examination and practical assessment. Pegasus Storage has their own SARI Inspectors who conduct racking inspections. Our inspectors provide you with an unbiased, comprehensive inspection of all your onsite racking and storage equipment. You may be thinking… but why do I need an inspection? Here are a few reasons as to why you should:

Racking inspections are a legal obligation, and must be conducted at least once a year by a SEMA approved individual or technically competent person. Other than abiding by the law some other benefits are as follows:

– Reducing the number and severity of warehouse accidents
– Minimising large repair bills from negligence of pallet racking
– Avoiding potential fines and imprisonment

In busy warehouses it is common for pallet racking uprights to get general knocks which could change the capacity of your racking, which could lead to accidents in the warehouse.

If you are in need of a SEMA Approved inspection you can arrange for a quote by calling us on 01843 835999 or drop us an email on