Storage and racking inspections are a legal obligation under Health and Safety Legislation and must be conducted at least once a year.

What are the positives of having an Annual Racking Inspection?

Reduce Risk
A small hit on your racking from a forklift truck may seem harmless and an unnecessary expense to the business to replace. In reality, it’s very different. Any damage of pallet racking can compromise the safety of your warehouse and could potentially lead to further damages, loss, personal injury, or in some cases, death. All of this can be avoided by applying the preventative measures of a racking inspection.

Staff Protection
Ensuring the safety of your employees should be your number one concern! All storage systems whether second-hand or new is susceptible to damage through various ways including stress or impact through vehicles such as forklift trucks. Often damage gets overlooked in terms of warehouse safety and the severity of it. Pegasus’ SARI qualified inspector will review the damage, provide you with a report on the damage and consult on the action that needs to be taken.

Inventory Protection
Without having an annual inspection you are at risk of damaging not only your racking system but also a large amount of stock. A regularly inspected warehouse that is well maintained is an important part of your business. By not having a storage system inspection you could potentially lose a lot of inventory through pallet racking collapsing.

Cost Control
By having regular annual inspections it also provides an opportunity to recognise any issues within your warehouse before they become more expensive and out of control. Not only are you ensuring the health and safety of your staff but you are also providing yourself with the opportunity to prevent any major expenses to your company if these damages are to get progressively worse.

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