A mezzanine floor is an elevated structure that is installed between the current floor and roof area of your warehouse facility. They are commonly constructed of steel to ensure a super strong frame that is suitable for storage purposes or as a warehouse office. The structure itself is an independent to that of the building.

The main aim in installing a mezzanine floor is to utilise the unused space that exists in your industrial facility, thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency of your business.

There are two key elements that you must consider when planning for a mezzanine floor:

Mezzanine Floor Design
What will your mezzanine floor be used for?

What type of loads will it be supporting?

Will any storage racking be needed?

These are just a few of the questions that will need to be addressed when deciding on the materials and specifications required for your new mezzanine floor. 

Once the mezzanine floor purpose has been decided upon, it will then be possible for Pegasus to give you a more accurate quotation.

Building Regulations Approval
Any significant internal changes to industrial buildings will need to comply with building regulations. Key elements that building regulations cover include emergency access routes and exits, other health and safety issues, and how many employees the mezzanine is designed for.

Although seeking building regulations approval may seem like a hassle but Pegasus arrange this part of the project too.

Benefits Of Mezzanine Floors
When considering a mezzanine floor, keep focused on the numerous benefits:

  • Stay in your existing premises – you may have been considering moving to bigger premises and have been worrying about the costs involved in such a move. Installing a mezzanine floor in your current location means that you make efficient use of the space available to you, while avoiding the stress and additional costs of moving.
  • Speed of installation – once the design of your mezzanine floor has been finalised and building regulations approval has been sought, the actual installation time can be very quick. Your floor should be ready to use within two weeks of starting the construction!
  • Low impact construction – the impact on existing operations is also minimal. At Pegasus Storage, we work around your warehouse operations without causing any significant disruption.
  • No planning permission is required – in the vast majority of situations mezzanine flooring will not require planning permission. Again, this makes a new industrial mezzanine floor the speedy alternative to relocating and potentially dealing with change of use issues and estate agent fees.

Interested to find out more about the costs involved in industrial mezzanine floor construction? Give our friendly team a call on 01843 835999.