Before going ahead with a mezzanine floor there are a few things you should consider prior to commencing with your project:

  • Headroom
  • Fire Protection
  • Loading requirements
  • Column spacing (Leg grid)
  • Building control

Local authority approval will be required for every installation of a mezzanine floor. To speed up this process Pegasus has an independent building inspector that is used for every mezzanine floor who can handle the exercise for you.

Floor Height

When it comes to the floor height there are no restrictions, a mezzanine can be installed at almost any height. However, there are statutory requirements that any staircase installed must have a minimum of 2000mm clear headroom available.

Fire Protection

Fire protection is required if any of the following criteria is met:

  • The size of the mezzanine exceeds 400m2
  • The size of the mezzanine exceeds 50% of the building / room it is installed in
  • Number of people working on the mezzanine exceeds 3 at one time
  • The mezzanine is used for purpose other than storage
  • Handrail and Edge Protection

Above are some key things to keep in mind. If you would like more information about mezzanine floors give us a call today on 01843 835999 or email