If you want to make the most out of the space within your warehouse then why not take advantage of the vertical space? Pallet Racking can be built to the height that you require.

Storage Capacity

It goes without saying, you obviously want to be able to store as many pallets as you can within your unit, whilst being able to operate with maximum efficiency. However, you do need to consider the following if you are thinking about the height of your pallet racking:

  • Would a Mezzanine Floor be more beneficial to my business?
  • What would the additional costs be for a higher reach forklift truck?
  • What are the loading capacities that you require the racking to hold (this will affect the price due to the duty of the racking)?

The Size of your building

You are obviously restricted by how tall your building is, which determines the maximum height that the pallet racking can be. You also need to take into consideration the layout and what you are storing where. This will help you determine how stock will be stored and whether you need to use the vertical space of your unit.

Pallet Racking height

In short, pallet racking can be built to the height required. If you need it 16m tall, it can be built 16m tall. If it needs to be 20m tall that can also be achieved. You just have to bear in mind the points mentioned above.

Speak with our Team

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