In order to make cost-savings and become ultra-efficient, more businesses are choosing to maximise the available space in their warehouses. This often means storing products higher, and making the most of the under-roof area.

There are high level storage solutions on the market, and high-bay pallet racking is the most commonly used system.

How High Bay Pallet Racking Works
As the name suggests, this is a warehouse racking system that can store products at very high levels. Due to the elevations involved, specialised trucks can be used to stack and remove pallets from the racking.

High bay racking provides a number of benefits:

  • It allows for maximum usage of the available warehouse space
  • It is a good commercial shelving solution for high turnover products

It tends to be utilised in warehouses where there is a requirement for a large number of pallets and where there is a regular turnover of these pallets. However, this system is not suitable for all businesses and it is important to assess your business operation and your warehouse first.

Height Limiting Factors
Each warehouse is different, as is the on-site machinery and the type of products that are serviced.
Here are the main factors to consider when deciding if high level storage is for you:

  • Warehouse Premises – How high is your warehouse? Is there another commercial shelving option that may be a better choice? It may seem obvious, but unless you plan to extend your premises, you are limited by the roof height. Don’t presume there is just enough space – there must be enough room for maintenance access to the roof.
  • Business Type – What is the size and type of stock that you store? Will this be an expense your business can afford?
  • Forklift Limits – There are forklifts that can reach heights of 10 meters, but again they are more expensive than the basic models. What machinery do you currently have? Will additional purchases be needed?

High Level Storage Advice Nationwide
The decision to try and maximise the use of warehouse space can be more difficult than first anticipated. At Pegasus Storage, we have 25 years’ experience in designing and installing high-level storage racking for customers across the country.

Request a quote or simply give us a call on 01843 835999 for the benefit of our advice. We can also visit your warehouse to suggest an affordable, long-lasting, and high-quality storage solution.