Cable drum racking is an extremely useful and adaptable storage method, and is primarily used for storing cable in a warehouse or industrial environment. It can be utilised both indoors and outdoors.

The racking is designed and installed specifically to hold cable drums (also sometimes known as cable reels or coil reels). Each drum is mounted on an axle which means that the cable can be reeled and unreeled while safely fixed in the racking.

Depending on the customer requirements and warehouse space considerations, cable drum racking can be installed at various heights – the racking is manufactured from steel ensuring that the highest safety standards are met.

What are Cable Drums used for?
While electrical cable is traditionally the most obvious use for this type of racking system, other types of materials can also be stored on cable drum reels.

These include:

  • Textiles
  • Paper products
  • Flexible flooring materials
  • Metal coils
  • Other fibres

Because of the wide variety of applications, cable drum racking is also sometimes used in a retail setting; for example a textile wholesalers or DIY retail outlet.

Benefits of Cable Drum Racking
Here are some other advantages:

  • The racking can be constructed to your requirements
  • Less floor space is utilised
  • Materials are neatly stored
  • Stock can be quickly identified
  • Stocktaking is very simple

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