Each warehouse and industrial premises are different and often face a unique set of challenges.

With over 50 years of pallet racking installation experience, our workforce have faced most situations you can think of, and are able to plan an efficient warehouse design that complies with all relevant health and safety legislation.

If you are thinking about installing new pallet racking, here is a rundown of the most common types of racking options that you could choose to install:

  • Standard Pallet Racking – This system utilises wide aisles and is a very adaptable and accessible style of racking. Once installed, it provides easy, spacious access to the items being stored.
  • Narrow Aisle Racking – The primary advantage of narrow aisle racking is to optimise storage space, which reduces the average storage cost per pallet.
  • Drive-In Racking – If you need an economical bulk storage system, drive-in racking is the perfect solution. It is usually utilised to store products with a short shelf life.
  • Push Back Racking – Push back racking stores products at additional depth rather than width, and uses a last-in first-out system. It is a good option for the storage of medium turnover products.
  • Mobile Racking – This is pallet racking installed on a mobile base. Rows can be moved remotely along floor tracks and this enables storage capacity to be increased by up to 90% without restricting access.

An ultra-efficient warehouse is related to thorough investigation at the design and planning stage.

This will result in the most efficient and sensible use of space, plus the selection of a cost-effective storage solution. The needs of the business must be carefully considered before any pallet racking is installed – otherwise you may well end up with an inefficient system that is expensive to rectify!

Generally speaking, it is more economic to go higher rather than add more depth to existing racking (for storage purposes, building volume is more important than floor area). It is also important to base the racking design on the type of pallets your business stores – do you use industry standard pallets? What size pallets do your suppliers send you?

Failing to find out this information could mean wasted space and poor productivity.

We can offer a wealth of knowledge and ingenuity when creating a new pallet racking installation. If you are looking to optimise the space you have available or want to know the best way to store your stock, speak to one of our specialists on 01843 835999 or click here to enquire