Mezzanines have numerous benefits — especially with the right systems and equipment in place. In this article, Dan Casey from Penny Hydraulics offers his advice for making operations between floors smoother.

Thanks largely to the growth of online shopping, there has never been such a huge demand for warehouse space. To make the most of their premises, many warehouses are choosing to get mezzanine floors so goods can be stocked above ground on one or more levels. This increases the space available without having to build an extension or acquire extra premises.

But having multiple floors can present a few logistic issues when it comes to moving, organising, and making safe your stock. So, below are some of the ways you can make sure everything runs smoothly between your mezzanine and ground floors.

Follow health and safety guidelines

The company that installed your mezzanine should have worked closely with a building inspector to make sure it complies with UK building regulations. That means it must be fire rated, electrical tested, and signed off by the inspector before you can use it. And, although it can be tempting to overstock during busy periods, it’s vital that you always stick to the maximum floor weight load that you are given.

Failing to do so can be dangerous and following these regulations is the law, but it also reduces the risk of a fire breaking out or your mezzanine collapsing, which will cost you in time and stock.

Efficiently transfer goods between floors

It’s crucial to develop a system for transporting goods between floors for the smooth running of deliveries and picking operations. Chutes work well for small packages, but goods lifts are invaluable when it comes to moving high volumes or heavy stock.

Some floor lifts are designed specifically for mezzanines and can vertically carry weights of up to 1000kg. This means that trolleys or crates and pallets of stock can be easily and quickly transferred between floors, saving you time and making your operations more efficient.

Organise each floor

Develop an efficient system for storing your goods to streamline your delivery and picking operations. Mezzanines are considered more secure because they aren’t as easy for thieves to access, so many warehouses choose to keep their more valuable stock on higher levels. As long as you stick to the weight limit and use a goods lift to carry them to and from the loading bay, this can help protect your inventory.

You can also use your mezzanine to hold overstock, freeing up room at ground level. This is especially useful if your warehouse has a wide range of different stock, as your pickers can access more of your goods without having to travel between floors.

The tips in this guide can help you streamline processes between your mezzanine and ground floor for smoother, more efficient operations.